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Construction Management

In this form of delivery there is no Main Contractor and all trades are let and managed through a project / construction manager. The benefits here include complete client control of their site and project. Reduces margin on margin scenarios that are common in the construction industry.

Project Management

Onus Construction Management Limited recognise that not all projects are the same and clients have different requirements. We will tailor our services and form of engagement to suit your specific requirements.

Construction Management

Construction Management
In this form of delivery there is no Main Contractor and all trades are let and managed through a project /construction manager. The benefits here include complete client control of their site and project. Reduces margin on margin scenarios that are common in the construction industry.

Site Management

Complete management, coordination and day to day running of your site, providing total control of the site.

Tender, negotiate and award of contracts

Tender all trades, tender analysis, negotiations and recommendations.

Post Project Works

Maintenance inspections and release of retentions

  • We ensure that all post practical completion maintenance work is undertaken and completed as per the contract.
  • Authorisation of retention releases once all obligations of the contract have been fulfilled by the contractors.

Quality assurance

Daily on site checking and verification of the agreed processes utilised in the construction of your project.

Variation control

Vetting of all variations claims – is what is being claimed as a variation is a legitimate variation and if so is the claimed cost justified?

Operating and Maintenance Manuals

We ensure all operating and maintenance manuals are compiled in easy to use format. We present these documents to ensure clients and operators of the facilities are fully conversant in how to maintain their investments. What their obligations are and what the warranties and guarantees cover and their durations.


Certification of all payment claims. Over payment claim prove costly.

Defects and Practical Completion

Ensuring that Practical Completion is not granted until the defects have been completed.

Final Accounts

Sign off, of all accounts in a timely manner that ensures, clients are not exposed to future claims from consultants, contractors, sub-contractors or suppliers.

Project Management

Consultant Selection

  • Selection of the consultant team that fits the project is essential to ensuring your project is a successful one.
  • Ensuring a total understanding of the clients brief, the scope of works and the budget are key elements that help create successful projects.
  • Onus will carry out a selection process for consultants and engage them on the clients behalf.

Reporting and Communication

We ensure clients are fully converse and involved with all aspects of their projects at all times. This is critical to a successful project journey and outcomes for all clients. We achieve this through:

  • Client input on all matters that are important to them. Regular written detailed reports to the client as they require or otherwise necessary.
  • Regular scheduled meetings as required to ensure the essential flow and sharing of information.
  • Any other contact or correspondence deemed necessary and appropriate.

Risk analysis

  • Detailed assessment and reporting of risks, the likely hood of their occurrence and the impact on the project if they do occur.
  • The development of mitigation strategies to prevent or limit the known risk.

Design Management or Overview

  • Take a lead role in driving design progress.
  • Ensuring that the consultant team meets key dates with the required deliverables.
  • Remains true to the project brief and budget.
  • Value Manage the design at all stages.
  • Review all documents to ensure they are market ready.

Programme: Creation and Monitoring

We will create and provide a project master programme. Key dates from that are refined and developed to create design, regulatory and construction programmes. This ensures:

  • That clients know with certainty their key dates have been incorporated into the programme.
  • That clients know with certainly where the project is tracking relative to those dates.
  • Clients can have confidence cashflow projections for their projects, are accurate based on the agreed dates in the programme.

Quality Assurance

  • Detail reports demonstrating that the project is being carried out to the specified standards and quality.
  • Ensuring that the bar is set at the highest standards and demonstrably so.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

  • Fits the budget now, but the real cost over time is? We can provide detail analysis of life cycle costs for proposed componentry compared with alternatives, providing assurance that the best value solutions are those being selected.

Contract Tender and Award

  • Fully tender the works, either on a traditional Project Management basis or as a Project Management / Construction Management delivery.
  • Creation of a detailed scope of works. Dissemination of tender documentation to the client’s
    approving tender list.
  • Review and analysis of received tenders received. Negotiation and removal of tender tags and
  • Review and recommendations of tenderers to our clients.
  • Engagement of the selected tenderer on the clients behalf.

Cost control

  • Compile project budgets, usually through the engagement of independent Quantity Surveyors.
  • Vetting of all progress claims ensure payment claims and payments are maintained within the
    contract agreement.
  • Analysing variation costing’s and approvals to provide assurance that what is being claim as a
    variation, is in fact a variation and that the claimed value is both fair and reasonable.

Health & Safety monitoring

  • Health and Safety is very body’s responsibility but the liability stops with the Principals, our clients. Ensuring that project planning incorporates the wellbeing of all persons who work in or around and visit construction sites are critical.
  • Agreeing a site specific safety plan and the monitoring of it. Not only to protect those who work on or have an association with the site, but is essential to protecting our clients’ interests.